Il Guscio HighburySalvatore From the San Lorenzo in Beachamp Place to the Four Season Hotel and many others around the world,until he become a successful restaurateur.

Cristiano from the American Bar at the Savoy to the Palace in S.Moritz and other 5 Star hotels and restaurants in central London,and many others all around the world.

After having worked together many years ago from the best resorts in the mountains in winter time, to the expensive Costa Smeralda (Sardinia) in summer time ,where often they use to go to the historic restaurant Il Guscio in Baya Sardinia open until late at night that hosted from tourists to all seasonal workers in the area.

After they fell in love with this city, they decided to open a restaurant in this area with the same name to make you appreciate the flavors of the past.

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Il Guscio Highbury 2014