Fegato e Pancetta16.90
Grilled Calves liver with Italian bacon Served with  mash potatoes

Costa di Manzo20.90
Mature Ribeye steak served with mushrooms and potatoes

Tagliata di Manzo20.90
Sliced mature Ribeye steak with rocket and parmigiano

Straccetti di pollo13.90
Chicken casserole with peppers served with roast potatoes

Staccetti di Pollo13.90
Chicken and peppers casserole with roast Potatoes

Vitello Milanese17.50
Veal entrecote fried in bread crumbs with mush potatoes

Pollo Milanese14.90
Chicken breast fried in bread crumbs with chunky chips

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Il Guscio Highbury 2014